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e-Books: Subjects of Interest  

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African American Print Page

African American

CALL NUMBER Title Author
305.5/67/092273 The WPA Oklahoma Slave Narratives                                                                                                            Baker, T. Lindsay.; Baker, Julie P. Link to e-book
305.5/67/092396073 Slave Narratives {Library of America ; 114}                                                                                                    Link to e-book
305.8/003 Encyclopedia of Race and Ethnic Studies                                                                                                      Cashmore, Ernest. Link to e-book
305.8/0071 What to Teach Kids About Racial Prejudice : For Parents, Teachers, and Other Caregivers {Parenting for Prevention Information Series}          Link to e-book
305.8/009 Racism : A Short History                                                                                                                     Fredrickson, George M. Link to e-book
305.8/00941 White Backlash and the Politics of Multiculturalism                                                                                          Hewitt, Roger. Link to e-book
305.8/00973 The Debt : What America Owes to Blacks                                                                                                       Robinson, Randall. Link to e-book
305.8/00973 Racist America : Roots, Current Realities, and Future Reparations                                                                            Feagin, Joe R. Link to e-book
305.8/00973 White Racism : The Basics                                                                                                                    Feagin, Joe R.; Vera, Hernan,; Batur, Pinar. Link to e-book
305.8/00973 Prejudice Across America                                                                                                                     Waller, James. Link to e-book
305.8/00973 In Black and White : Race and Sports in America                                                                                              Shropshire, Kenneth L. Link to e-book
305.8/00973 Racism : From Slavery to Advanced Capitalism {Sage Series On Race and Ethnic Relations ; V. 17}                                              Wilson, Carter A. Link to e-book
305.8/00973 Hate, Prejudice, and Racism {SUNY Series, Theory, Research, and Practice in Social Education}                                                Kleg, Milton. Link to e-book
305.8/00973 Race Matters                                                                                                                                 West, Cornel. Link to e-book
305.896/073 The Black Studies Reader                                                                                                                     Bobo, Jacqueline.; Hudley, Cynthia.; Michel, Claudine. Link to e-book
305.896/073 Whitewashing Race : The Myth of a Color-blind Society                                                                                        Brown, Michael K. Link to e-book
305.896/073 The Civil Rights Movement {Magill's Choice}                                                                                                    Link to e-book
305.896/073/0092 Du Bois and His Rivals                                                                                                                       Wolters, Raymond. Link to e-book
305.896/073/0092 W.E.B. Du Bois : An Encyclopedia                                                                                                             Horne, Gerald.; Young, Mary Link to e-book
305.896/07307509041 Growing Up Jim Crow : How Black and White Southern Children Learned Race                                                                     Ritterhouse, Jennifer Lynn. Link to e-book
306.09182/1 Anatomy of a Trend {McGraw Hill Professional}                                                                                                Vejlgaard, Henrik. Link to e-book
306.3/62/0942 Questioning Slavery                                                                                                                          Walvin, James. Link to e-book
306.3/62/097 Slavery in the Development of the Americas                                                                                                   Eltis, David; Lewis, Frank D.; Sokoloff, Kenneth Lee. Link to e-book
306.3/62/0973 Slavery in the South : A State-by-state History                                                                                              Jewett, Clayton E.; Allen, John O. Link to e-book
306.3/6209 Abolition : a History of Slavery and Antislavery                                                                                             Drescher, Seymour. Link to e-book
306.85/089/96073 Black Families At the Crossroads : Challenges and Prospects                                                                                  Johnson, Leanor Boulin.; Staples, Robert. Link to e-book
306.874/2 What It Means to Be Daddy : Fatherhood for Black Men Living Away From Their Children                                                         Hamer, Jennifer. Link to e-book
338.6/422/08996073 Encyclopedia of African American Business History                                                                                            Walker, Juliet E. K. Link to e-book
362.1/089/96073 Praeger Handbook of Black American Health Volume I / : Policies and Issues Behind Disparities in Health {2Nd Ed.}                            Livingston, Ivor Lensworth. Link to e-book
362.1/089/96073 Praeger Handbook of Black American Health Volume II / : Policies and Issues Behind Disparities in Health {2Nd Ed.}                           Livingston, Ivor Lensworth. Link to e-book
362.5/560973 Welfare Debate {Historical Guides to Controversial Issues in America, 1541-0021}                                                             Shaw, Greg M. Link to e-book
362.5/5680820973 Battered Black Women and Welfare Reform : Between a Rock and a Hard Place {SUNY Series in African American Studies}                          Davis, Dána-Ain. Link to e-book
362.84/0086/927 Where Are All the Young Men and Women of Color? : Capacity Enhancement Practice in the Criminal Justice System                               Delgado, Melvin. Link to e-book
362.84/00973 Welfare Racism : Playing the Race Card against America's Poor                                                                                Neubeck, Kenneth J.; Cazenave, Noel A. Link to e-book
398.2089/96073 African American Folk Healing                                                                                                                Mitchem, Stephanie Y. Link to e-book
608.996/073 Technology and the African-American Experience : Needs and Opportunities for Study                                                           Sinclair, Bruce. Link to e-book
609.2/273 African-American Inventors {Proud Heritage}                                                                                                  McKissack, Pat.; McKissack, Fredrick. Link to e-book
610.73/092/273 Early Black American Leaders in Nursing : Architects for Integration and Equality {National League for Nursing Series}                       Davis, Althea T. Link to e-book
658.4/0089/960073 Black Enterprise Titans of the B.E. 100s : Black CEOs Who Redefined and Conquered American Business                                          Dingle, Derek T. Link to e-book

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